O2 launches new Apple iPhone deals

Network operator O2 has unveiled a variety of new iPhone deals for contract and sim-only customers.

O2, which is a subsidiary of Telefonica, has announced that anyone who already owns one of the Apple handsets – or any other smartphone – will be able to take advantage of its new offers.

These will start from £15 per month, which gives O2 customers 300 minutes and unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi usage, subject to signing a 12-month contract.

At the top end of the scale, consumers can have unlimited calls, texts and data for £45 per month on taking up a 12-month agreement.

Anyone without a smartphone can still benefit from new O2 packages, including a £10 per month, 30-day rolling contract giving 100 minutes and unlimited texts.

“Customers’ habits are changing, with more texts being sent and data being used than ever before,” said Sally Cowdry, marketing director at O2.

This news comes after O2 was found to offer the fast average web browsing experience in the City of London.

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O2 launches new Apple iPhone deals

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