No 3-D support for all PS3 games


Hold on before you run out to buy a new TV! You may have seen the report on Engadget stating that, according to a Sony rep, all PS3 games will run in 3-D with a software update next year.

“…a software update for the PS3 sometime in 2010 will enable it to provide a 3D viewing experience to “all” existing games on the system. We’re sure there will be some exceptions, but it sounds very promising. The console itself pumps out a quite regular signal over HDMI, which the TV syncs up with your 3D glasses. A 200Hz TV, for instance, alternates 1080p frames, with 100Hz for each eye. Of course, you’ll need a brand new TV, but at least it won’t be restricted to just Sony televisions. Start saving those pennies!”

It seems like Joystiq have contacted Sony to find out more more about what sounded like a major megaton to let slip at a trade show. Sony told them that the company is “conducting a technological investigation” of whether it’s even possible to do that. As for specifics: “there is no plan for the market launch of this at this time.”

If you’re dying to look at a 3-D game right now, Engadget also captured a video of Wipeout HD being played in 3-D. For some reason, the 3-D effect doesn’t come through when viewed in an embedded video recording — even with the glasses in front of the lens. Sony really needs to work on that.

I’d still go out and get a PS3 Slim though.  It’s smaller, lighter, uses less electricity, and does not have an on of switch on the back like its fat brother. The only major niggle/downside is that the PS3 Slim is not backward compatible. This means that you should old on to your old PS2, if it still works.

And best of all, you can get one for nothing. Find out how to get your free PS3 Slim!

Sources:  Joystiq & Engadget

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No 3-D support for all PS3 games

  • kpdc1 |

    GOD OF WAR 3D!!! i wana see that! :)

  • Johnno |

    Combine this 3D with the EYE Camera for head tracking offering depth on both horizontal and vertical axis and voila! 4D! This is what the 4-D plane properly means in terms of imagery, not time. Adding in the ability for light to affect the images makes it 6D. But in any case 3D combined with the PS EYE Camera, and on top of that, Sony’s Motion Controllers, makes 4D gaming possible! Ken Kutaragi was right all along!

  • javier |

    but i just have one question. its really necessary to buy a new tv to support 3d images ? .cuse i have a lcd tv , and maybe could be a trouble for all users to have a lcd and cant buy another new tv. ok if somebody can answer me please i aprisate thanks

  • name |

    i think you mean hold?
    but yea im all for buying a ps3 slim, i bought one on release date and love it.
    its so quiet i cant hear it running even with my speakers off.
    it runs so much cooler i can actually sit in my room now with the door and windows closed without being drenched in sweat.
    it may not be as good looking as the old ps3, no i would argue it is the shape is much better the light behind the buttons the grey metal at the disk port.
    i actually think it looks slightly better than the old ps3.
    but technicly 3D TVs are out, all 3d tvs are is a tv that can display at 200Hz sony and samsung have been advertising these for months.
    and you need to change the title of the article.
    where in the article does it say sony wont have support for all their games.
    they said they will if you actually watch the video, if they say they will i believe them.
    and until see proof otherwise well you cant say they wont.

  • name |

    it depends does your TV support 200Hz?
    if it does you wont need to buy a new TV, if it does not than you will.
    this is because to trick the human eye into seeing in true 3D you need 100Hz per eye, hence 200Hz.
    i doubt your will though because 200Hz TVs have only been out for 2 or so months and they are very expensive at the moment.
    i wouldn’t be surprised if sony develops some way to get the same effect without a new TV, because as you said not many people are going to buy a new TV so soon.
    i just spent 2K on a new TV and wont be buying a new one for at least 2 years and buy then laser Tvs should be out.
    if anyone is thinking of buying a new tv now, i would wait till laser TVs come out, once they do LED and LCD tvs prices will plummet because even though laser TVs are cheaper to produce and require less components they will not be cheap.

  • Tom Sorensen |

    The reality is, this future tech really is a long way off. 3DTV MAY be out in the next few years, but i’m only interested when it gets mainstream, like HD is now. Otherwise costs will be too prohibitive, and the ever developing technology will render the first and second waves of 3DTV entirely obsolete.

    3D could be useful, interesting and intuitive in some games, whereas it may feel gimicky and tacked on in others. Its up to the good judgement of developers to decide.

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