Worldwide free iPhone Offer

If you are after an iPhone on contract, then head over to our iPhone deals comparison page to find the exclusive deal to suit your individual needs.   For everyone else, read on to find out how you can get a SIM free iPhone for absolutely nothing.  Yup, totally gratis!

This amazing offer is available to residents of the UK, Europe, USA and Canada:

  • No Contract
  • Sim Free
  • Shipped Direct From Apple

Whether it is the free iPhone 3GSfree iPhone 4  or free iPhone 4S that you’re after, the next five minutes will teach you how to get a free iPhone for nothing but a little bit of your time!

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Can I really get an iPhone free?

100% guaranteed! After five years of researching what works and what to avoid, I am now one of the UK’s most prolific freebie hunters and part of the ever growing community forum at eXceem, under the username “FurbtasticM” (don’t ask!).

Take a look at a selection of my threads in the “I Got My Free Item” section and prepare to be amazed at just how much is possible, particularly when you factor in FreebieJeebies (commonly referred to as “FJ”) into the equation.

The service that Rich and Alex of FreebieJeebies provide is unsurpassed, their support stats are second to none.

How The System Works

You’ve probably all been encouraged to take-up an insurance renewal with an offer of some free vouchers or seen the Sky+ adverts promising incentives to get friends to take on HD.

Getting a free iPhone is no different.   It’s a competitive World out there and household names such as Gamehouse, Intuit, Blockbuster, LittleBidTasty, Netflix, Gala,  LOVEFiLM, to name just a few, are looking for ways to get new business.  If you are willing to give their free trials and low cost offers a go, you become a ‘potential’ customer and they have a chance to show off their product or service.  In return, they are happy to pay an incentive or commission and that’s what funds the cost of giving you an iPhone for nothing.

Recommended Offer

Offers change as new promotions come around, just look out for the free trials!  At the time of writing, the Gamehouse trial is available internationally, their service is second to none and all you have to do to qualify for offer completion on the free iPhone is sign-up for a free, no obligation 7 day trial.  It couldn’t be easier.

Another fantastic international offer with the added appeal that payment can be made via Pay Pal, is the LittleBidTasty lowest cost auction site.   All you have to do is bid a few pounds/dollars to complete the offer and you may even win some amazing prizes.  That’s what I’d call a cheap iPhone!

What Are You Waiting For?

Give it a go, there’s nothing to lose and a free iPhone to gain! Click here, or on the article image above, to get started!